Infiltration promo mix Part 1 and 2


Unknown Junglist Soilder
Dec 29, 2006
Hey, Hey, it's been around 6 months since the last promo mix so here is a new one for you guys. This is part 1 of my new 2 part promo mix called Infiltration part 1 is a techno mix part 2 is a techno-dnb mix. enjoy and tell me what ya. Stay tuned.

Tracklist: The NME Is Everwhere

1.) Afro Jack/Benny Rodrigues: Dinges
2.) Marco Bailey/Tom Hades: Glides
3.) T-101: Ironworks
4.) Speedy Jak: We R Not Alone
5.) Counterpart: Project 2302
6.) Speedy J/Chris Liebing: Magnit Express
7.) Richie Hawtin: Minus Orange
8.) Nitzer Ebb: Join In The Chant (Knarz 1stMachine mix)
9.) Nitzer Ebb: Murderous (Phil Kieran remix)
10.) Casual Violence: Borne
11.) Ant/Nick Grater: Our Broken Toy
12.) The Anxious: Hydraulix 37 B
13.) Ronin: Numero Crypto 23
14.) Luka Bauman: ???????????


Here is part 2 of my Infiltration mix called The NME never sleeps. Hope everyone enjoys this mix as I've had fun making it. I'm only doing 3 promo mixes for 2009 the next one will be out around summer time. ez

Tracklist: The NME Never Sleeps

1.) Eiton/Pyro: Ethanol
2.) Pylon: Teslan
3.) Gancher: Leninizm
4.) Raiden/Current Value: RM Bleeps
5.) The Panacea: Burning Like Fire (The Sect Remix)
6.) D.A.V.E. The Drummer: Hydraulix 9 (Proket Remix)
7.) Counterstrike: Techno Is
8.) Kriotek: Technosluts
9.) Pylon/Pyro: Auror
10.) Yabol: Commutator
11.) Sinecore Feat. Peter Kurten: Vendetta
12.) Derck Feat. RAE with Soccom/Tamas: Methbugs
13.) Counterstrike: Timewarp V.I.P.
14.) Nphonix: Zed
15.) Isotope/Kaiza: Zepter
16.) C.V.I.: Your Fear
17.) C.V.I.: Sparing
18.) Valevo: Frag
19.) Diode: Wired


108:41 length
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