Infected World Tour 08 - Manifest b2b Identity


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Sep 6, 2007
Infected World Tour 08 - Manifest b2b Identity

Ez, couple months ago, me and Manifest got our first collab sorted, tune called INFECTED WORLD.
This tune got signed to be a side of Deception 03, wich Manifest is the owner. U can check the audio @ our myspace player. We've been also workin on this remix from old Renegade Hardware classic, Genotype - Toxic.

MANIFEST [ London, UK ]
Renegade Hardware | Renegade Recordings | Trouble On Vinyl | Deception


Manifest aka Damone Edwards has been making beats for nearly 10 years. His experience of producing music started around November of 1996 and his first release was in June of 1997 on the Hardleaders Compilation LP, "The Way out Chapter".
In 2007 was a busy year for Manifest, with his mix for Drum N Bass Arena with Stapleton Mc in March and his Infamous mix for K-mags, June issue featuring 2Shy MC. 2008 will see various gigs & tours and more grimy
tracks to be released on Renegade Hardware and his imprint Deception Recordings bring with him a ray of artists like M.O.B., Gremlinz and Verb.
Forthcoming remixes in the pipeline of Dub War & Inside My Soul, Album planned and a special Mix for the Internet . Forthcoming releases like “Blueprint” on Climate Sounds with Verb, “Lion Of Babylon” on new
Renegade Hardware LP and also the re -launch of Deception with the track called “Infected World” with

Identity to be released in September. Identity & Manifest are also doing a remix of a classic Renegade

Hardware track “Toxic [RH08]” originally by Genotype.

BTK [ Identity | Sao Paulo, Brazil ]

Barcode | Algorythm | Uprising | Sinuous | Deception


Hailing from Brazil, Vinicius Honorio aka BTK is proving to be one of the most exciting new DJ/Producer to emerge in the electronic music scene and has already built an impressive back catalogue of productions to
date. Being a DJ since 1999, he started to get involved with electronic music in 2000 and since then he’s been fully committed to the dnb scene.
Always bringing his talents and fresh sounds to Drum & Bass taken the steps needed to learn to follow vibes and ideas merging of his home studio. In a lot of respects the Identity sound is truly a yearning for the
merging of the dance floor vibe so prevalent in current Drum & Bass and a twisted mix of techno influences into his sound.
Never one has to be tired of BTK has proved his ability to switch between genres with easy as evident in their techno projects and other innovative productions, their determination to smash down the boundries that
have long been separating underground music styles grows with every track that is created. His DJ performances are very dynamic and full of energy, always keeping the groove as priority which has led him to
perform internationally with a busy schedule, after his debut in Europe in early 2007.

Contacts for bookings:

EMAIL: // //
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