Industry Artists Update!

Industry Artists is proud to present to you one of the most forefront and cutting edge musical artist rosters in the world. Having established itself as the North West ’s premier agency, specialising in Drum & Bass music, Industry Artists prides itself on nurturing up-and-coming talent whilst showcasing establish artists to a wider audience. With a huge variety of DJs, MCs and 4 flourishing record labels, Industry Artists is proud of its relationships with promoters, clients, fans and fellow agencies across the world.

New Addition to Industry Artists Roster: Jubei and Loxy
Great news from the Industry Artists camp – We are delighted to welcome "Jubei" (Emcee Recordings) and the legendary "Loxy" (Metalheadz, Renegade, Worldwide) to the Industry Artists Roster.

World of Drum and Bass Tour News: DJ Deval
The World of Drum And Bass tour 2007 is nearly upon us and a new face to the roster this year is DJ Deval ! For more information check out

Child Support and Crisis Loan Label News: Benefit Beats
Social Security is Child Support and Crisis Loan. Beats and basslines are the focus, dancefloors the targets! After over 15 collaborative and 20 individual releases, Social Security are currently making waves with their "Benefit Beats" imprint. Check for more information!

Metalheadz and 31 Records News: Vapour
Constant support by Grooverider on BBC Radio 1... Tracks on 31 Records “Brain and Body” b/w “Razor Bladez”, Metalheadz “The Roof Fell Down” b/w “Mr Brown tbc”, Intasounds, Rufige, SGN:LTD, Eastsides and... plays by Goldie / Hype / Bailey / Randall / Friction / Ray Keith... Vapour is certainly making huge waves in the Drum & Bass scene. Having found his own unique style, his tough beats and sub-basslines are unmistakable! To hear more click on him profile or visit

Crippled Fight / International: Step Express
Stalefish is one of France 's hottest exports right now and his label, Step Express, is certainly showing its weight in the International DnB scene. The new 12" single by Stalefish (Crippled Fight / International) is currently out on promo but already demand for it is very high due to its big basslines and tough beats! Check for a small audio clip.

Available on promo now!

The DnB Mixtape Vol 1: 12th Round Recordings
After over 15 years of DJing, DJ Deval is proud to presents to you The DnB Mixtape Vol 1. This, the first instalment of this new series from DJ Deval , aims to showcase the best in Drum and Bass from across the years. Spanning the pigeon-holing expressions of “liquid” to “tech step” to “jump up”, this mix will certainly be favoured by many people across the world. With the vocal talents of Suddz, Mad Rush and Switch MC, the mix features a mouth-watering selection of tracks from the likes of Mist:i:cal, Ju Ju, Benny Page, Alix Perez, LTJ Bukem, DJ Die, Doc Scott, Generation Dub, Vital Elements and many more.

Download by visiting

Handz Up / Tequila Sunrise : Sidechain Music
Sidechain Music is a new label that aims to showcase the best from all across the DnB musical spectrum. With artists such as Digital, Audio Unit, Verse, Bassface Sacha and Social Security lined up you can expect big things! For the first release on Sidechain Music, Audio Unit presents “Handz up / Tequila Sunrise”, 2 liquid dancefloor rollers that are certain to launch the label perfectly.

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Rest In Da East / Tubular: Toughness
After a well received first release, Toughness is back and this time round it is Sardinia vs France ! Arp XP and Dimension of Sounds present two club tracks that will certainly test sound systems across the land! “Rest In Da East” delivers tough beats and a wicked vocal hook that will get any party started, whilst “Tubular” is the first release for this mysterious producing outfit – not much is know of the Dimension of Sounds apart from the fact that they have been receiving support from some of the scenes established ambassadors such as sappo, the force, ruff stuff, erb n dub to name just a few!

Released in January 2006 through Nu Urban Music – more info available by visiting

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