Industrial-Jamie = I aint for Breaking!!! Bloody fist / Traffik, Matt Green etc

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    Something slightly different but not what u think it may be.....:eek:
    Acid Enema - Ghetto Bastard
    Overcast - Dermatitis
    Syndicate - Hypnotise (RMX)
    Doormouse - Skelechairs
    Guyver - Lyrics To Breakbeats
    Overcast - Fallout
    DJ Producer - Tokyo Joe (Disturbance Remix)
    Traffik - Confine
    Matt Green - Ajax Numbers
    Matt Green - The Last Amen
    Traffik - Bit Stream
    Matt Green - Domesticated Drum
    Doormouse - Untitled Intro
    Traffik - Janksy Noise
    Doormouse - Broken Ep?
    Traffik - Hunter
    Nasenbluten - Intellectual Killer
    Overcast - F Projection
    NWA - Real Niggaz Dont Die
    Traffik - Personal Issue
    Nasenbluten - Blows T`The Nose
    Overcast - Who`s Fucking Who?

    Originally done on turntables then edited around in Audacity.


    P.S i may be wrong on a couple of track titles.


    Full 320kbps version here....

    135mb file