Indigo - FabricLive Promo Mix


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Jun 13, 2009
I have put together an hour of different textures and beats. Cold, sparse sounds for the winter nights that have all of a sudden crept up on us. I had lots of fun putting it together; I could have done a 2 hour mix, I found it so hard to cut down! I have an attention span that doesn't go very far so I like to change things up a bit.


Szare - Volya
Indigo - Fallen [On The Edge]
Joann - Nocturnality [7even]
Szare - Action Five
Kowton -She Don't Jack [Idle Hands]
Szare - Pressure
Compound One - Tud Naat [Compound One]
Synkro - Girl
Szare - Wild Boar
Indigo - Snowfall
AnD - Lights Down [Idle Hands]
Until Silence - The Affair
Indigo - Lacuna
xxxy - Ordinary Things [Ten Thousand Yen]
AR. T - Relative
Kontext - Sativa [Immerse]
Spatial - 10006d > w/Mike Monday & Will Saul - Sequence 1(Scuba Remix) [Aus]
Kontext - No More Room In Hell [Immerse]
Synkro - Here's Your
Untold - Stereo Freeze [R&S]
Ruckspin - Shikra
AnD - Daydreaming
ENA - Sign [7even]
Biome - Swan
Ruckspin & Quantum Soul - Roman
AnD - thoughtless
ENA - Instinctive [7even]
ASC - The Glow [Pushing Red]
Illum Sphere - Blood Music (Indigo Remix) [Tectonic]
Indigo - Bardo

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