Indesign Soldier – Jungle D&B Show on – TECH/NEURO/AMEN/HARDASF*CK D&B MIX

Indesign Soldier

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Dec 3, 2019
Calling all D&B Headz,

Catch me... Indesign Soldier every second Tuesday on between 8-10pm.
My last show on 19th November featured TECH/NEURO/AMEN/ or as I like to call it.... HARDASF*CK D&B.
If you're into the Harder side of life, check it out at:

Also, tonight Tuesday – 3rd December 2019, I'm going to be playing a tribute mix to the mighty Ram Records.
Tune in on between 8-10pm, log into the Chatroom and I'll give you a shout!

Indesign Soldier 🔊🎶🔥😜
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