InDaJungle New Releases IDJR096-099 OUT NOW!

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    InDaJungle New Releases IDJR096-099 OUT NOW!

    I n Da J u n g l e is proud to present their latest releases.

    IDJR096: Fekim and G.Zurita
    A. Fekim - Know My Bass
    B. G.Zurita - Shay
    Buy it here:

    IDJR097: Qumulus
    A. Studio 30 - Take Me (Qumulus Rising Higher Remix)
    B. Studio 30 - Heaven (Qumulus Remix)
    Buy it here:

    IDJR098: DTX
    A. Dark Carnival
    B. Everything's Alright
    Buy it here:

    IDJR099: Emmeeji
    A. Orchid
    B. Serious Business
    Buy it here:

    See you next month for releases by DannyLo, SNEP, A-Negative and SoundNbeats and Mr.Bugg!

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