Incision (Corn Hall, Cirencester) - 22/3/2002


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Mar 21, 2002
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Incision @ The Corn Hall, Cirencester. 22/3/2002.

Incision is a monthly drum n bass night running in the Gloucestershire town of Cirencester, bringing with it a selection of the freshest and most cutting edge music available today.
First off, the night started without hitch with resident Dj De-Ad taking on turntable duty. This young mixer knows his tunes, knowingly teasing the crowds before dropping the bombs throughout his set, building up to the climax of 'Metrosound'. Anyone who has heard this tune in a club will know the damage it can cause. Next up, Incision founder Dj Terminal took the reigns for a brief but energetic set, causing maximum damage with the likes of 'The F Word' and the excellent 'Lightweight' from the forthcoming Sektor 2 ep.
Fellow local and Ransom founder/resident Dj Access went next, bringing with him an interesting and varied collection. Set highlights had to be Zincs 'Reach Out' remix or the haunting hip-hop of Origin Unknowns take on 'Stand Clear'. Things were really starting to heat up by this point, with resident MC Loco showing off his lyrical talent, making way for Cheltenhams very own G-Man and Energizer - Time to get Grimey! Now Im not really the biggest fan of b2b sets, but these two Djs compliment each others style perfectly, with G-Man on a more funky, rollin tip and Energizer coming across with a far dirtier sound. Shouts to Energizer for mix of the night - 'Take my Life Away' and 'Alien Girl'. With the dancefloor feeling every moment of it, how could Loco not give them the rewind?
By now, the midnight hour was upon us, and a large silhouette can be made out behind the Technics. This can mean only one thing, time for Mr Chemical Records himself - Mark @ Chemical. Now this promising DJ may not be as well known as his counterpart Dj Poison (also of Chemical Recs), but this doesnt mean he is any less talented, and opening with Dillinja's mighty 'Thugged Out Bitch', Mark smashed it. Whether it was with 'LK (vocal mix)' or the interesting 'Playtime', it was hard to keep still amongst the sea of bodies on the dancefloor. By now MC Loco had given way to the sound of MC Ragga B, promoter of the Motivation events that grace Stroud's Jo Jos. With his friend Marquee B in tow, they proceeded to hype the crowd to boiling point. Unfortunately, a dodgy microphone prevented these two from causing their usual devastation but if you had asked anyone in there, Im sure they wouldnt even have noticed.
With the 2 o'clock wind-up getting ever closer, last set of the night went to Curious b2b System Addict. Now I have heard a lot of good things about these two, but never being lucky enough to see them live, I could only go on what I had heard. I am pleased to say these two did not disappoint. Dropping favourites such as the current crowd-pleaser 'Grimey', they continued to assualt our senses in the usual fashion before unleashing the final tune of the night: Shy FX and T Power's 'Shake It'. This would have to be one of the best Incisions I have been to, and with acts like Donovan Smith and APB coming up, they can only get better.

Next event: Corn Hall, Cirencester. 12/4/2002.

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