Drum & Bass in4matic & Wage: entry for DJ competition to open for B-Complex in Berlin on 12/01/13


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in4matic & Wage!
ADDICTED TO BASS Mixtape Competition 2013 - who will be playing alongside B-Complex?

36 Tracks in 78 minutes...
Including plenty of double drops, teases, a range of styles, dynamics (we hope) and even a bit of scratching! :spliff:

[DISCLAIMER] This post is not really intended as self promotion, we just genuinely reckon that we've got a bit of a fat mix on our hands; even if we don't win it should make a decent demo. We just want people to do a little listen!

Anyhow- feedback is hugely appreciated and if you do find the time to listen to the entries and make someone very happy why not vote for our mix right here! https://www.facebook.com/questions/446069878793411/

I guess it sucks that it's a facebook poll, but nonetheless, we feel that we have put out something of high quality and hope that it shines through, so we are proud to present our entry:


B-Complex - Little Oranges [Hospital]
Chords - Video Soul [Metro]
Level 2 - Tone Tone [V Recordings]
Level 2 - Fast Lane [V Recordings]
SpectraSoul - Alibi [Critical]
Enei, Riya - No Fear (Spectrasoul Remix) [Critical]
Enei - One Chance (Emperor Remix) [Critical]
>>> Calyx & Teebee - Elevate This Sound (Instrumental) [Ram]
Royalston - The Test [Med School]
Nu:Logic - Relentless [Hospital]
Zero T, Script - Level 43 [Dispatch]
Zero Method - Command Four [Red Light]
Shimon - Hush Hush [Ram]
Dub Phizix ft. Fox - Never Been [Critical]
Future Cut - Whiplash [Renegade Hardware]
>>> Bladerunner - Back to the Jungle VIP [Critical]
Ed Rush & Optical ft. Ryme Tyme & MC Darrison - Why? [Virus]
>>> Marcus Intalex - Paulista Dub ft. S.P.Y [Soul:r]
Ed Rush, Optical - Kerbcrawler [Virus]
>>> Cyantific - Bounce It [Hospital]
Optical - Test Tube [Virus]
Ram Trilogy - Milky Way [Ram]
Alix Perez - Dark Days (ft. Foreign Beggars) [Shogun Audio]
Ulterior Motive - Seven Segments [Subtitles UK]
Enei, Eastcolors & Noel - Cracker [Critical]
Level 2 - No Time VIP [Liquid V]
Break - All Around [Symmetry]
Mutt, Atmospherix & Eros ft. The Square - Without U [Fokuz]
Breakage feat. Jess Mills - Fighting Fire (Loadstar Remix) [Digital Soundboy]
Mefjus - Distantia [Neodigital]
>>> Emperor - Monolith [Modulations]
Phace & Misanthrop - From Deep Space [Neosignal]
>>> Phace - Vintage [Neosignal]
Ed Rush & Optical - Pacman (Ram Trilogy Remix) [Virus]
Rregula & Dementia - Overcast (Misha Remix) [Free DL]
Fourward - Talk to Me [Mainframe]