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Sep 30, 2012
Since its establishment in 2011, In-Reach has been an online magazine run as a platform for like minded people to share their mutual passions in art, fashion, underground music and much more. In that time we’ve been fortunate enough to be sent music from countless amazing artists from around the world, so we thought it was about time to come together, as a team, and showcase some of the incredible music we're gifted with.

We hope you enjoy our In-Reach Podcast 001 - We'll be running this as a bi-monthly affair where we guide you through some of our favourite selections from the preceding two months, all rounded off with a mix.

Ethos - Reality (None60)
Random Movement & Jaybee - Twice The Power (Flight Pattern)
Madcap - Joy (Smooth N Groove)
Nucleus & Paradox - Tell Me The Truth - Gremlinz Remix (Esoteric Music UK)
Dead Mans Chest - Hang Man Posse (Western Lore)
Theory - Apache Warrior (Skeleton Recordings)
Lynx - Omnilon (Detail)

- Top Picks -

Sicknote & Flava - Music Makes Us One (Horiffic Recordings)
Adam F - Rushin' (Deep Jungle)

IR Mix: 25 Mins

Credit to @protocol_music for the mastering.
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