In New DJ's We Trust - Nerm & D-Code Feat The Count & Sinden Vs Sub Focus 17/08/08

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Jul 23, 2007
France Baby!

Nerm & D-Code bring the flipside of drum and bass, taking you on a journey through electro, dubstep and punk

This month they're joined by The Count & Sinden and Sub Focus for a special DJ battle


Shinichi Osawa - 'Star Guitar’ [Brookes Brother Remix] (Avex)

Sub Focus - 'X-Ray’ (Ram Records)
Quest and Odissi - 'Arms Race’ [Jade Remix] (Botchit & Scarper)

L Plus - 'Rage’ (Dub)
Agent Alvin - 'Wicked Man’ (Viper)
Metrik - 'Zero Gravity’ (Viper)

Goldie - 'Letting Go’ (Metalheadz)
Nu:Tone - 'Balaclava’ (Hospital)
Drifta - 'Come Find Me’ [Featuring Top Notch] (Dubplate)

Yanou ft Mark Daviz - 'A Girl like you’ [S&H Project Remix] (Dubplate)
Fake Blood - 'Mars’ (Cheap Thrills)
Merka - 'Back Home’ [Pirate Soundsystem Remix] (Phat)

501 - 'Cause It Had To End Like This’ (Dubtrade Dubplate)
Tenchu - 'Motivational Poster’ (Dubplate)
V.I.V.E.K - 'Barcelona’ (Dubplate)

DC Breaks - 'Outsider’ (Viper VIP)
Culture Shock - 'Kronix’ (Ram)
Disaszt & Fox Rox - 'Wasted’ (Dub)
Absolute Zero & Subphonics - 'The Code’ [SKC Remix] (Renegade Hardware)

The Count & Sinden Vs Sub Focus

The Count & Sinden Mix

The Count & Sinden 'Hardcore Girls' (Domino)
The Count & Sinden feat JME - 'Industry Takeover' (Domino)
Hervé & Kissy Sell Out 'Rikkalicious' (Cheap Thrills)
The Count & Sinden feat Ny 'Fool In Love' (Domino)

Sub Focus Mix

Sub Focus – ‘Untitled’ (Ram Records Dubplate)
Sigma – ‘El Presidente’ [ViP] (Life Dubplate)
Sub Focus – ‘Timewarp’ (Ram Records)
Hazard vs Dminds – ‘Mr Happy’ (Playaz)
Jakes and TC – ‘All About’ (D-style Dubplate)
Sub Focus – ‘Follow the Light’ (Ram Records Dubplate)

Soul Intent - 'City's Edge’ (Cylon)
Photek - 'Ni-Ten Itchi-Ryu (Sanctuary)

Arclight (Exerset) - 'Elev8’ (Dubplate)
Intersidereal - 'Disturbed Balance’ (Red Mist)
Commix - 'Rackit’ (Hospital)

Nookie - ' Mr Slippery’ (Phuzion)
Spherical - 'Summer Air’ (Dub)
dbAudio - 'Lawson (Dub)

Asian Dub Foundation & Iggy Pop - 'No Fun’ (Kartel/Naive)



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Oct 1, 2006
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cheers mate!
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