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    Hey guys.

    So I'm new to this, but I've been desperately trying to find similar music to something. You see, I'm predominantly into metal, rock and classical. That kind of stuff I can find in a heartbeat. But to be honest, I love all types of music, and while trawling through a portal called Newgrounds, where people upload their own music, I stumbled upon this:

    As a noob, I don't even know what you'd class this as. So I don't know how to search for similar feeling music. I'd describe it as chillout drum and bass. But I know bugger all.

    This is the kind of thing I can imagine playing in the background of a smart underground bar somewhere. Blue neon lighting should be involved in some way, and the aircon down low.

    I need to find similar tunes. Even though this post sucks, anyone with any ideas would attain God status to me.

    Thanks in advance.
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    so u typed dnbforum into google an landed here....ok i get the picture.

    First of all, like in every genre these days, there are thousands of tunes which sound similar and can be classified into endless subgenress blah blah, but you know that.
    Im sure i have multiple tunes in my itunes library that sound similar to that tune, but i cannot possibly remember them. so i put itunes on shuffle and decided to post the first tune that contains either: rock elements, chilled piano elements or is just a tune which makes me chilled (which i assume that tune did to you because you classified it as 'chilled' dnb.)

    ok so the first song that came on was this (rock elements):

    then piano elements this:

    but then i was like: wait, netsky's music sounds similar to the tune that that guy posted. and so the most similar tune i can come up with is this:

    might also wanna check out netsky - prisma.

    hope i could help mate
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    Is called liquid mate