In need of assistance - looking to buy a new faceplate for a Vestax PMC-06Pro VCA


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Basically I acquired this mixer when I brought my mate's Technic 1210s. In total he charged me £450 for the decks (which are less than a year old), and the mixer (which upon purchase was 2 weeks old).

The mixer is absolutely flawless except for one thing - it has my mate's (rather shit) DJ name scratched into the faceplate. Christ knows the reasoning behind this action, especially considering that he decided to shift it on to someone else 2 weeks after he brought it. Never the less, I now have in my possession a near untouched Vestax PMC-06Pro which I want to sell. However, I'm worried I won't get a great deal for it because of the ugly mark he's left on the faceplate, so I'd like to buy a replacement.

I've had a look around the internet and I couldn't come up with anything. I was wondering if any of you could point me in the direction of an online store where I could obtain a faceplate for the mixer.

Thanks for your time.