'In love' not chase and status



I heard an A-MAZING track the other day which I've never heard before (shock horror) and I need it in my life but I can't find it ANYWHERE...I GUESS the track is called "In Love" but every time I search that it comes up with the Chase and Status tune which isn't the one. Basically it's very Renegade Hardware-esc so nice and filthy and then when it kicks in the vocals go "In looooooove" but it's nothing like the Chase and Status tune it's really grimy. Any ideas?! I've searched the Renegade Hardware back catalogue on their site and can't find it and I thought matey said The Usual Suspects made it, but again no joy...

Please help!
Mabye its Influx UK - It's Love and you heard it slightly wrong? :)
not the chase & status tune dagz lol can't help though esstie it's not it's love by influx uk? I no vocals are different but mistakes will be made lol
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