In For The Kill (DUBSTEP)


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Aug 31, 2008
Remix :).
Top of my myspace player, trying to get the bass sounding good before I lfo it but don't know what to do really... Do I put more high end in because the lfo is controlling a lowpass filter?
Viperdnb, I would always take with a pinch of salt what someone with only 7 posts can say about your production...

I love the way in which you have mixed this, it is difficult for me to get a bit more of a good idea since my speakers are not that great...

I think the main bass is a bit too "obtrusive", maybe something to do with the high frequencies but I would have a look with a visual reference (more than auditive) like a spectrum analyser, in order to gate out undesired frequencies...

But overall, a good effort, and I am sure that with a few tweaks you can improve it a lot :)

i like this mate, bit of an eviler remix than iv heared before, i think the drums need more impact or just turning up the bass is drowning them out a tad, maybe u wanted it like that.
i like the way uv used the vocals too, the bass on the breakdown ( the wobbly bit ) sounds a bit out of time.

think its a good remix tbh mate!
Viperdnb, I would always take with a pinch of salt what someone with only 7 posts can say about your production...

what has my posts got to do with it ?

i gave an honest answer.. i have decent monitors, listened to the track & the vocal is terrible.. its been ripped from skreams remix & sounds poor!
aving a listen now,

snare drum needs to be alot more puncher, or just dring it to the front abit.

prob same with the kick... yea drums need alot of work, but youll get there bro,

i think the vocals work really well, really really well. maybe turn the higher freqs down a lil thou.

bass sound is catchy, but the subass could be a bit lower.

just a lil to much going on in this track, but it has great potential

remember in dupstep less is more, but then again you can do what eva you want,

thats the graet ting aboot d step

hope this helps bro
the main drum elements need more volume in the mix, maybe make that vocal a bit quieter perhaps? the vocals dont seem out of place to me.
Can't add too much. Like darkist said, the drums need more definition. Maybe it's the verb annoying me. The vocals were a bit high in the mix, her voice cuts thru a lot naturally. You could try the bass pitched down an octave, see what happens.
Nice one.
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