In Da Jungle Recordings now on Beatport! New Forum! More releases!

The Nitrous

Mar 12, 2005
Montreal, Canada

Oh My Gosh!

Big news for all of us here at In Da Jungle Recordings: We now support Beatport distribution! All of our back catalogue is being released through Beatport in addition to all of our other distributors. You can already get our first releases Here and Here

Also, be sure to check out our new forum located Here. Special thanks to Nick and Erina for the hard work and excellent new cover art!

It's a big time for celebration here at iDJR so come share in the fun with some of this month's hottest new releases.
Special S' "Shot A Fire" and BoutBeats "Turn up da Fire" offer something for the ragga heads while Nitrous and Override come with a pair of tight dnb EP's. Lastly, don't sleep on SolarCube's epic releases! Too much goodness!

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