In Da Jungle Recordings: DJ Fozzybear: Tragedy Contest Winne


Congratulations DJ Fozzybear on a smashing remix of Nitrous' iDJ original - Tragedy! Forthcoming on iDJ, this is one massive remake that keeps it fresh and aimed at the dancefloor.

And speaking of the dancefloor, this month's releases have it covered on all four corners: futuristic techy dnb (Nixx &
Illiko Projekt), nu-school ragga jump up (Screwball), dancefloor liquid (Bugg) and just some really cutting edge stuff (Cognizance).

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And Here's the new releases for this month:

iDJREC023:Cognizance - Mellowdee

The soft-to-hard rock intro does the title justice and does a beautiful job of comibining classic acoustic elements with tight drum programming while steadily mounting the pressure. As soon as the beat drops the synth takes over right from where the lead guitar left off and brings the drum and bass heaviness, making 'Mellowdee' a savvy combination of electro-rock d'n'b that keeps its big sound party track appeal. Of course, the standout moment is the the breakdown which fits perfectly into the middle of any set.

iDJREC024:Screwball - Crystal Clear b/w Under Mi Sensi remix

A. Crystal Clear-
Speaking of party tracks, watch out! The rave is in the venue as soon as this track drops. The beat is infectious, the percussion is funky, the bass says "move!' and the sounds breathe life all across the frequency spectrum. This is the perfect track for DJs who want to tear the roof off the dancefloor with big sound and big energy without turning to the darkside. Definitely a track for the jump-up heads but be warned because this will convert even the most entrenched chin-strokers with its dancefloor appeal.

AA. Under Mi Sensi remix-
Bamboo synth stabs signal a stomper of a tune and Screwball delivers in full force. The snare snaps your head back while the kicks hit you where it counts - right in the gut. Top it off with some classic ragga vox and you have all the makings of a winner tune. Screwball hangs on to all the elements that make the flip so hot - a wide range of sounds, lots of midange heaviness and an arrangement that adds a layer of deepness after the second drop. Do not miss this double A-side smasher!

iDJREC025:Illiko Projekt - Bass Adikt

Representing the sounds of the future, Illiko Projekt offer up a masterpiece of synth work and arrangements in 'Bass Adikt'. This track is great at never letting the listener get bored - changes and shifts range from subtle to massive as sounds weave in and out of view. The level of macro structure has more in common with electronic breakbeats than a standard drum and bass structure yet the mixability of the track is maintained by the underlying 16 bars which are gradually brought to the forefront in the last minute. Great in and out of the mix, what more can you want?

iDJREC026:DJ Bugg - Dance with Me b/w High Time

A. Dance with Me-
Bugg brings it in prfessional fashion this with two dancefloor smashers on the iDJ imprint. 'Dance With Me' features a rolling grimey lead and filtered drums that do exactly what the doctor ordered - build it up, break it down and drop it heavy. This track has a funky vibe that works well in any setting and any mood. In short, this is a perfect example of a pure, unadulterated, well-executed dancefloor tune.

AA. High Time-
On the flip, Bugg explores the lighter side of drum and bass with 'High Time'. Inside are soothing rhodes, uplifting pads and some horns that send shivers down the spine. Don't get it twisted though - as soon as the beat drops it's obvious that High Time is no less for the dancefloor than its predecessor. Like the latter, it features a rolling bass synth that keeps the energy and presence while the organic musical components go to work. A great track for bringing the set to the next level or performing a transition, this one is more than a tool in that it stands on its own as a great piece of music.

iDJREC027:Nixx - Soul Quantize b/w Fast Unified Circuit Key

A. Soul Quantize-
Boom goes the dynamite! This track is standout for two reasons: the superbly crafted synth breakdowns and the bubbly subbass arrangements that bring you back in time. Subtle shifts in the sound keep you locked in while Nixx adds on the heavy one layer at a time. A perfect example is the second drop which starts off deep but before you know it you're knee-deep in the madness. This is one of those tracks that keeps growing on you because each subsequent listen has more to offer.

AA. High Time-
More of Nixx's twisted sickness basslines drive this home like a nail in a 2-by-4. Synth edits keep the rhythm flowing from the left as the amen mashups keep business pounding from the right. This one is an unrelenting assault hellbound on a scud middile. Warning: Massiveness inside!