In Da Jungle Recordings Digital Official Site Launch

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    In Da Jungle Recordings Digital Official Site Launch

    In Da Jungle Recordings is a global effort to bring forth cutting edge talent in drum and bass. The label is comprised of 6 key members: Nitrous, Kensai & Special S (Canada), Nick & Erina Z (Japan), Scandal (US) and Seiros D (Russia). Coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and preferred styles, they are able to represent the drum and bass community as a whole. Each release on the In Da Jungle Recordings label brings something new to the table not only in terms of the label’s catalogue but also in terms of the drum and bass establishment.

    Hammering home this point very effectively are the first 5 releases (just the tip of the iceberg as the label has now secured well over 30 tracks). Whether it be the hybrid of ragga and tearout on Queensyze’s ‘Illegal’ or the see-saw bass on Bladetone’s ‘Forlorn Blanks’, one thing is obvious: this label is committed to innovation and quality. No matter what your style, with only 5 tracks released so far, In Da Jungle Recordings has it represented.

    The website features bios and pics, free clips to download and Scandal’s mix of the first 15 iDJ releases (also free to download). There are also links to purchase high quality 320 kbps full versions through and

    For anyone interested in submitting material or swapping banners, the label can be contacted by email: