In Da Jungle Recordings : Brand New Tracks Available !


iDJR represents the full spectrum of drum and bass yet again with the latest banging quintuplet of releases. Whether you're looking for some of Materia's deep funk, Mineral's soothing old school vibes, Scandal's ragga-influenced rollers, Lenny Breaks' dark stompers or some straight up dancefloor goodness like Fozzybear's remix of Nitrous' "Tragedy", iDJr has your needs covered.

Ever-expanding, iDJr is eager to announce our affiliation with iTunes. Pushing the jungle sounds worldwide, we thank all of you who have made us what we are now.


iDJREC028: Scandal - Jah Jah's Love b/w Ruff & Rugged

A. Jah Jah's Love

iDJR co-owner Scandal comes definitely correct on this ragga-tech roller that is sure to please all crew. Subbass runs gamut behind the cracking beat and soulful vocals. Techy breakdowns keep the track spicy and varied. This one rolls on straight through until the end by creating a vibe you just don't want to stop listening to. Most original of all is the second drop that cleverly borrows the idea of a record skip in a manner that sounds nothing else but tight.

AA. Ruff & Rugged

The flip-side comes distinct with a deeper take on the style created by Scandal on "Jah Jah Love". Slightly darker and with more focus on dubby jungle sounds, Ruff & Rugged is exactly that, a deep cavern of a tune with a jagged edge. Most fitting are the asiatic sounds which manage to fit the ragga-tech sound perfectly in what feels most like a hip hop crossover connection.

iDJREC029: Mineral - It Could Just be a Dream b/w Silver Falls

A. It Could Just be a Dream

Mineral puts the music back into jungle with this fresh sounding throwback track. Quirky descending ambient sounds keep the track rolling while some old school breaks take you back to smooth GLR-type vibes. The first drop brings the boom - it wouldn’t be jungle without some massive subbass - while the second drop turns up the pressure with Mineral’s thought-provoking arrangements. All in all “It Could Just be a Dream” is an excellent representation of the ambient style and iDJR’s artistic diversity.

AA. Silver Falls

Cascading rhodes herald another ambient journey even more laid back than its predecessor. The deep subs and kicks are here again but the break and its arrangements take a much more relaxed form, backseat to the pads which work as the canvas for this solid tune. Reverb and panning put the listener in a very nice aural place in preparation for the “Falls” - amen business at the 5:15 mark. It’s executed perfectly, maintaining the vibe of the song while adding energy and going straight to the hairs on the back of your neck. A double A-side winner!

iDJREC030: Materia - Hallucinations b/w Northern Spirits

A. Hallucinations

Play time’s over - bring on the neuro! Materia smacks it with this roller. The kicks turn like a well-oiled race car complete with some surprise gear-shifting shuffle fills and the bass crunches like roadkill under a mack truck. Materia teases us by hinting at the lead at the first drop, only to bring it back full force for the second drop, making this one a dj tool extraordinaire. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more from this hot producer.

AA. Northern Spirit

The beatless intro creeps up on you but doesn’t waste any time pumping the mercury to record-high levels with some more of the trademark beats and leads we heard in “Hallucinations”. Some vocoded vox boost the track after the second drop which makes this one a definite dancefloor filler and killer. Speaking of the second drop I have tow words for you: drum roll. Props to Materia for not forgetting about the place the drum roll has in deep, rolling neuro. Pure brockage inside.

iDJREC031: Lenny Breaks - Noise b/w The Silent (feat. Toksik Shock Sin Drone)

A. Noise

Lenny Breaks brings some heavy drum and bass with a definite hint of evil and sinister intentions in this release. The beat cuts are pure horrorshow and the lead screams at you from the other side of the abyss. Cleverly, Lenny holds out on over-compressing the drums, thereby making a track unique in structure and purpose. The beat keeps chugging the song along but really makes room for the myriad of sounds and lead bass arrangements - the heaviness is there but hinted at in other regards. The end result is a deep, dark track unlike any other that serves as the perfect lead in to the heaviest track to be played that night.

AA. The Silent

If you like your beats dark, hard and heavy with a touch of psycho murderation, then this track is for you. Drum edits abound and the track is peppered with sick breakdowns and horrorcore samples. "The Silent" manages to reach a level of energy unparalleled by most other track on the back of its sheer aggression. Of course, the leads add the necessary gut wrenching to complete the "huge tune" checklist. Yet another quintuplet from iDJR to showcase the wide styles of drum and bass.

iDJREC032: Nitrous - Tragedy (DJ Fozzybear remix)

Switch! Fozzybear does major damage to this iDJR classic and transmutes into a pumping subby tech roller fully deserving of being crowned winner of the remix competition. Crafty use of the original samples with a hefty dose of overhaul keeps this one moving until the very end. Double-time bass stabs bounce the track along up and down like the rave when this track drops. Despite the massive boost to the dancefloor Fozzybear keeps the eerie atmospheric elements present in the background to capture the feel of the original still. Congratulations!