Implant - The Addict E.P. Out Now On WaySide Recs


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Nov 29, 2008
Out Now! on WSR.

Implant's 'The Addict' ep. Four tune's of serious deep technoid influenced dnb.
Implant who has released on Temper D, Nightmare Recs, Mindtech Recs, Black Hoe, is definitely one of the more important names to watch in 2009 for Techno DnB.
Expect Implants WSR Debut 'The Addict' to be packed with diversity and color, the perfect Technoid DnB e.p.
Get Hooked on 'The Addict'! Out First on and
you can get to the release, and clips @
or here

Thank You!
And please.... Enjoy the Music!
Support the Scene, Always Purchase the Music you Love!
Peace and Easy.

Also! other past great WSR titles, including
"Digital Soul's 'Freak' B/W 'The Big Bang'",
"Mystification's 'Plastic Mortality' e.p.",
"Recall's Infinity B/W Death Approaches'"
+ Many more great Futuristic tunes from WSR the 4th Dimension of Drum and Bass.
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