Imba & MC Bluejay Present: Ambience HQ (Deep & Soulful Liquid with a fantastic Host)

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    For this mix me & Bluejay take you through an hour of deeper, more soulful liquid DnB with extra vibe. A lot of my favourite tunes in there, including lots of juicy exclusives from the Liquifyah camp. This one was for the Ambience guys, and once again was all recorded live and fresh in the room. If you're feeling any of the exclusives in the mix then hit me up if you'd like a copy!


    Imba & Modify Perspective - Just A Phase (Liquifyah Dub)
    Michael.E.T - Thiassi Ft. Steph Robb (Liquifyah Dub)
    AKOV - The Other Side (Liquifyah Dub)
    Hugh Hardie - Colourful Language
    LSB - Leave
    Hybrid Minds - Summer Rain
    Ivy Lab - Baby Gray
    Modify Perspective - Catharsis (Liquifyah)
    Phaction - Lucid Ft. Katkin Willow (Liquifyah Dub)
    Hybrid Minds - Starlet (Phil Tangent Remix)
    Calyx & Teebee - Elevate This Sound
    Spectrasoul - Always
    Composite - White Shores (Dub)
    Ivy Lab - Live On Your Smile
    Tokyo Prose - See Through Love
    Logistics - Sendai Song
    LSB - XLRS
    Technimatic - Looking For Diversion Ft. Lucy Kitchen
    Break - They’re Wrong (Calibre Alternate Remix)
    Lurch - Close
    BCee & Bladerunner - In The Shadows (VIP)
    Chroma - Soverign
    SPY - Sleepy Hollow
    Hazard - Time Tripping
    Break - Temptations
    Xtrah & DLR - Direct Approach
    DRS - Count To Ten VIP ft. Enei