I'm thinking of getting back into producing...


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Jun 15, 2003
I havnt made anything for about a year, maybe abit longer. I kinda give up because I thought I wasn't really getting anywhere with it, but Im thinking I would'nt mind giving it another bash and learn more and start focusing abit more on it all.

Basically I need some pointers from you lot, kinda need to be pointed in the right direction :clown:

Here's a link to an old myspace of mine for my beats (although I lost the password to it and I cant get into it anymore haha). The track I'd like you to listen to is 'Dead Mans Hands', because its the last track I done.

Cheers to everyone that has a listen and gives constructive criticism and can help (y)(y):)

I think you should keep at it man, sometimes having a break is a really good thing, although you might have forgotten some of the in's & outs of thing's during the time off.
hahah i like that cabin fever man, bouncy track with a kinda oldskool hardcore thing to it,
keep at it, even if its just a few hours in spare time. ur only gna get better once uv picked it up again.!
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