I'm pissed off


I posted on the D&B arena want/sell page today
within 2 hours I've had 6 emails back with spam from private sellers, and online record shops givjng me their whole damn collection, which doesnt include the specific tune i said I wanted

i replied to them all saying i didnt want their mail unless they had the tune I was after

this was one of the replies..

Hey, carm down punk. You can simply right click on the message and delete it. Dont cry.
Why dont u just give hard to find records a call they allways have
warhead/check dis out (v recordings) in stock for £6 (ignore their website call them.
Or u can get the ram trilogy remix on the "Planet V album"
Sorry if i upset u,.Cunt

I love being called a cunt

he aint gonna be hearing the end of this, if anyone wants his email i'll be more than happy to supply you with it


This is Dog Fort
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Woah, he sounds a bit nasty :mad:

I don't really want to get involved so I won't ask for the email address.

That's the problem you come across with these big forums ;)

What shop is he from? Try exposing him to the rest of the community, hit him where it hurts (public image).

Go get him Sassy!


he was a private trader

i emailed risky, the editor, this was his reply


Thanks for informing us of this problem - the purpose of the Want-Sell section is to allow Drum & Bass fans to genuinely trade records, not to provide a source to email spammers - therefore we take this very seriously.

You may see some changes to the way that Want-Sell works in the next couple of weeks, to avoid this happening to our users. In the meantime, please accept our apologies for allowing your email address to be used in this way.

I shall be **doing something I cant repeat**. We will then deal with the spammers accordingly.



why does my sarcasm never seem to drift over to men too well? :)


he's just mailed me under a new name, or either his mate has mailed me, its from a hotmail address forwarded the same mail i got from him yesterday

as for you Caution, his email is


so if you get a mail from him, dont even bother doing business

good thing is tho, after sifting thru the spam, ive managed to get 2 emails, one offering me the original steppa mix, and another offering me warhead2000/ steppa II mix


3 down, 1 to go :)


why does my sarcasm never seem to drift over to men too well?
Sarcasn drifts? I thought it was like a stabbing pain when your best m8 says "you thick bastard, only 97%" because he got 99... the bastard :mad:

sodding 2nd in the yr... *grumbles*