Label IM:Ltd Dub 03 - Mono - War Cry/Pariah - out now vinyl & digital


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Artist: MONO
A side: War Cry
B side: Pariah
Label: IM:LTD
Cat Ref: IMLTD DUB03
Format: Vinyl & Digital download
Vinyl : March 19th 2012
Digital : April 2sd 2012

Taking a detour from Drum & Bass, Mono’s recent addition to the already impressive IM:Ltd catalogue is a seething mass of understated fury.The young Bornemouth producer might be a new face for some, but he’s been known around these parts for a while and make sure that with this release, he’s not going anywhere.
Bubbling over with ethnic drum embellishments and sighing ghostly samples drifting over the surface, “Warcry” feels like the build-up to a mythological battle– the calm before the storm.
“Pariah” on the other hand is an altogether more technological affair.Mono’s trademark thunderous bass provides the foundations and scaffholding for sparse clicks and bleeps – still evil, still murderous, only this time the swords, spirits and gathering clouds have been replaced by machinery and bionic rhythms.

-words by Kathie-

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