IM:LTD 07 - S13 'End' Ep /// Out 14-12-09

IM:LTD are the next generation in record labels. Basing their success on digital only releases, and free from the constraints of pressing and selling stacks of plastic with each release, the French based label have brought through some of the most exciting new music out there from corners of the drum and bass world previously unseen by the rave going public. Keeping with this tradition, the IM:LTD camp introduce Lithuanian producer S13 with this gem of an EP. In the dnb world, the East is calling, and it sounds very, very fresh.

The title track, 'End' opens with a deceptively chilled out vibe and the drop, when it comes, is as quick as it is hard, as S13 pulls the chill carpet out from underneath your feet with a deep, techy flourish. Relentless, industrial sounding synths keep this one stepping all the way to the close.

Out of that, and into 'Lid', where S13 switches up to warped bass notes and a jungle break for the most experimental track of the EP.

Elsewhere, 'Imagine' is an education in the art of the minimal, while 'Mist' is all suspense, building up and dropping back down to the time of the most distinctive drums you'll hear for while. That's a promise.

IM:LTD's first vinyl release is out soon, watch this space for details!

Words by Lisa @ Infectious PR