DnB IM:Ltd 033 - Mortem - Life Forms/Mirrors Edge/Whispers VIP


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Sep 16, 2010

Artist: MORTEM
Track A: Life Forms
Track B: Mirrors Edge
Track C: Whispers VIP
Label: IM:LTD
Cat Ref: IMLTD 033
Format: Digital download
Released: March 12th, 2012

Polish wunderkind Mortem seems to have a knack for making instantly recognisable basslines and his new “Life Forms” EP, released once again on french imprint IM:Ltd, is filled with them.
“Life Forms” itself is a scattered roller, matching frenetic hi-hats with a boiling, bubbling bassline that starts off riding smooth, and ends up rough and nasty. We’re not trying to make it sound sexual, it’s just happening.
The swell and break of “Mirrors Edge” takes a step into the shadows, with that notable Mortem-esque rising state of tension. Undoubtedly a dancefloor pacer, it shows depth and weight as well as intricacy as the techy breakdown reaches its full manic conclusion mid-way through the track – then it’s heads-down and back to business.
A Mortem favourite that’s been hitting soundsystems for a while now has been given the VIP treatment – “Whispers VIP” now comes complete with a spine-tingling unintelligible whispered vocal sample that hits the bass drop in an absurdly satisfying way. Let’s talk about that bassline some more – in true Mortem fashion it’s slick and sexy, bruising the surface of the tune but never breaking through that layer of pressure.


-words by Kathie-


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