I'm looking for the title of a dnb track...

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    May 22, 2004
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    Some years ago I taped some dnb from a satellite channel which broadcasted 24/7 music without interuption. I'm looking for the title of one of these tracks I taped:

    It was a rather dark-sounding track with a sample near the end in it saying in a digitized, robot-like voice: "...... ...... was enlightened/in right (?)... to play... a.... game". "..........." is probably the dj's name, the name sounds something like tecopolis, tiscopolis, tescopolis, discopolis....

    It's definitely drum and bass, but of an older type and with slower beats sometimes. If you ask me, it sounds quite disturbing, due to some 'industrial' high pitch sounds and some scratching.
    I have listened to the tape and really can't make out what it really says. I dont even know if the text is just a sample from a movie or so, or the actual DJ.

    btw, i have 5 tapes with some 8 hours of dnb, most of which i dont know, others i recognized later on. I have no clue as to identify the tracks, its a real shame.

    Another track features an apparant 'x-files' sample at the start: "we are but visitors on this rock....tethered through a burning sphere by an invisible force".... Also a dark-sounding dnb record, of which i know nothing...

    Please help
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