I'm looking for some calloboration/help in reason

yo ,

I'am now using Reason 4 proppelerheadz for 4 months and I've already made 1 (tune). If you want to listen to it:

LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2hzVdIUE-8

I always try to discover new possibilities in this program and try to understand the things I'm doing. But for beginners like me it's not easy and it takes a lot of time and energy. plus the fact that I'm a dutch guy and everything is in english makes it often more complicated. But after all it's all worth it.

But I was thinking if someone of you people is interested in a kind of musical relationship and who likes to teach me some real shint. . I'd like to sent you then my project(s) in a reason file. The purpose is that someone changes some essential things or add some devices for making a nice bass or whateverwhat in the file and sent it back but certainly not finish the tune in the first place. Just that I can see what is done, and that I can learn how everything is made up. I'm talking about somebody who can push me more in the right directions.

At first sight it's seems like a 1 way street helpfunction. But maybe we can share some ideas afterall or make a tune together. I like it all!
Everybody who is interested:

e-mail/msn: jakke_one@hotmail.com