I'm looking for DNB songs I'd like


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Hi I'm really new to DNB and I'm still trying to find songs I like. I was wondering if you could tell me songs I might like based on what I already like?

Chase & Status Ft. Liam Bailey - Blind Faith
Chase & Status Ft. Delilah - Time
Chase & Status Ft. Tempa T - Hypest Hype
Chase & Status Ft. Plan B & Rage - Fool Yourself
Chase & Status Ft. Mali - Let You Go
The Prototypes - Suffocate
Sub Focus Ft. Alice Gold - Out The Blue
Camo & Krooked - Shoreless
Chase & Status Ft. Plan B - Pieces
Sub Focus - Endorphins feat. Alex Clare (Sub Focus vs Fred V & Grafix Remix)
Chase & Status Ft. White Lies - Embrace
Chase & Status Ft. Takura - No Problem
Sub Focus Ft. Alpines - Tidal Wave
Chase & Status Ft. Plan B - End Credits
Chase & Status Ft. Ceelo Green - Brixton Briefcase
Chase & Status Ft. Liam Bailey - Big Man
Chase & Status - Hocus Pocus
Chase & Status - Lost & Not Found ft. Louis M^ttrs
Camo & Krooked Ft. Ayah Marar - Watch It Burn
Chase & Status Ft. Claire Maguire - Midnight Caller
Chase & Status Ft. Takura - Streetlife


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Arists that you'll probably like are camo & krooked, netsky, fred v & grafix, dimension, a bit of shockone (home and polygon as song examples) and recent matrix & futurebound stuff (All I Know, Magnetic Eyes)

the new loadstar album - future perfect could be up your sleeve as its very varied and has a lot of tunes with vocals (which you seem to like) and warrior is kind of like hocus pocus (which doesn't really fit with the rest of the list but anyways)

also check out the pendulum albums if you haven't already they seem like you could like them

If it's just about vocals then the DRS album I don't usually like Mc's but... is very good, but thats going into deeper territory

oh and chase & status (which you obivously like) are releasing a new album octoberish

edit: @smarty, i think we could update the list abit since I think we've had some threads about more mainstream/beginner drum & bass and maybe link these topics in the first post
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