I'm fairly new to making dnb. Feedback appreciated. Thanks.


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Aug 13, 2013
I like the way the rhythm of the breakbeats interacts with the bass and the atmosphere.

Mix could use some more aggressive EQ in the upper registers. Lowpassing stuff or high shelfing it is just as important as high passing it. Pick what you want to shine in the upper registers (probably the vocals in this case, except when they aren't playing) and sacrifice some high frequencies from everything else: hi-hats, snares, pads, bass upper layers etc...

It's very hard to brutally cut elements when you're starting out because you want them all to sound amazing, but in reality they can't all shine simultaneously.

I think the structure is good enough, and you have some really nice harmonic/melodic stuff going on in terms of note choices, but there's definitely room for more contrast between sections.

Most of the changes you're making are quite slow and each section has a lot of similarity to the one that precedes it. Changing the rhythms and notes is good, but for bigger impact to the listener, you also want big changes to the frequency spectrum at the same time: emptier sections, sections with only bass, sections with only highs etc...

I think also a lot of your elements are starting on beat 1 within each 8 bar section. It's good to have some stuff that complements that by being quiet a the beginning of the bars/sections, and then coming in in-between.
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