I'm back! And I'm not mixing...

Been busy for a while so haven't been able to post.

Few things to post about.

Played out for the first time on the 30th Jan at my mates Bday party. Pretty sick night, crowd were feeling the bassline/funky more than the DnB, but thats what I was expecting anyway. Ok on the whole though.

Then, I went to play some tunes a few days ago, and instead of working properly, one of my turntables decides to spin backwards at ridiculous rpm. Something wrong with the motor I think. It's still under warranty, so Its on its way to numark for repair. No mixing or recording for a couple of weeks! Gutted!

Anyway, to pass the time while it was getting repaired, I started searching for a new deckstand. Well I was walking through morissons, and I saw this. It's not strictly a deckstand, It's a gardening table. But its solid as fook, and I'ts the perfect width, height and depth for decks and a mixer. And the best part was, It was only £15. -------->


As soon as my turntable comes back in a few weeks, I'll be recording an hour mix with some new tunes I've ordered, and uploading it to soundcloud. Check it out and gimme some feedback!

Sound guys!