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To the forum, the genre and life I suppose!

Hi everyone.

First of all:Sorry to be all 'Life Storyish!', and Sorry if its in the wrong thread.

Well I'm 16 (17 in November) and have been listening to DnB for about 2 years. I think I'm pretty set with the music actually - i.e. I quickly moved on from the mainstream stuff and was soon downloading (trust me I'll buy it when I have the ££!) the good stuff and soon had a playlist buzzing with Jungle, Jumpup, Liquid, Dubstep and some of the Noisia-style electronica recently. I even saved up and bought a set of BCD 3000s and a pair of Sennheiser headphones. Maybe one day someone will teach me how to use the BCD3000s but they shall remain on my desk to show off when a girl visits; but atleast the Sennheisers are doing a job on my mp3 player and desktop.

So to get to the point I made this thread to ask you all for any advice you may have on getting the most out of this (superior) genre:

First of all I'm getting to that wonderful age where I'm a little bored of house parties and want to go out to clubs! My problem is I don't have any idea which are the best to go to (I live in South East London), am I old enough? and I don't have anyone to go with - I'm not a billy-no-mates but don't have any friends as in to DnB as I am and want to go with people who at least appreciate the music.

Next, I can only listen to music from my crappy PC speakers with even crappier soundcard. :( I'm always reading how vinyl sounds better but I have no idea what hardware to buy for that or how much it costs. Maybe a sub for my comp could do the trick?

I really appreciate any suggestions you may have, and look forward to being part of your forums!


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i used to use headphones to listen to music as cus u could hear the sub bass of them unlike my pc built in speakers. average ones. not loads of money. (just wondering, u do know sub bass exists in dnb right? i didnt know until i bought these headphones. i had been listening to dnb for like 2 years without even knowing!!!!) then i bought some krk rockit 5 speakers. and they might be a little pricey cus they r at the finest qaulity cus there studio monitors and disigned for production in music. but lemme tell you, from when i had the headphones, the sound qaulity is soo diffrent. so much better from the speakers. really lightens up the music.


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Unfortunetly 17 is too young to go to a rave, well a big ones anyway, doubt you would get into any club to be honest, you gotta look over 21 these days, im 21 in August, still get ID'd though getting into clubs. But hey, you try some go to some dnb nights in local pubs or bars.....

As for DJing have a look for some youtube videos, the mixing and turntablism forum is also a lot of help.

You don't have to get expensive headphones or monitors to enjoy dnb, I own a pair (well actually 5.1's) of Logitech X-530, I have seen these for £30, you just got look, the bass is pretty good on them.


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all you need is a sub for your pc and that'll do it tbh. Untill you have like 20 people over to bounce to that shit, just listening to it is cool with a sub and some decent speakers. That's the set up i have in my room plugged into my macbook.

better system in my garage where i have people over. No good to rave on ur own though.

also buv if u aint heard it already, 'Sun King - State of Mind' is the track you'll ever hear my man. Pump it up on something good so u dnt wast that power!!

safe bless