Ils - No Soul (High Contrast rmx)


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Mar 21, 2002
Bored at Work
Another quality release from High Contrast sees him on remix duties for Ils (who?) on the Marine Parade label. I listened to this a few times on Chemical and decided it was ok but not purchase-worthy. However, one of my mates did buy it and after hearing it a few more times, Ive decided its my fave High Contrast tune since 'Return of Forever'!!!
Lincoln's trademark melodic atmospherics build the intro up nicely, with a similar structure to RoF, before it all comes to a halt, and we're treated to some soulful vocals (possibly Ils's?), which lead the way into a simple but effective bassline. The sound of it reminds me of a double bass, and coupled with the backing melodies, replicate a strangely classical feel.
Making way for the drop, a thumping build up teases you when suddenly it all comes together and makes for one of the most soulful tunes of the year. From here on it keeps in similar vein the rest of the way through the track, stopping only for a breakdown three quarters of the way through - a perfect opportunity for all on the dancefloor to have a bit of a rest - before building up again and rolling through til the last few notes.
High Contrast is on a proper roll at the mo, rolling out bare quality tunes left, right and centre, and this release shows his talents can be applied to other genres as well as dnb.
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