Illquid - Good Times


Sep 23, 2011
San Francisco, CA
Wow, is this liquid funk? You could make me like modern liquid funk if other people are making stuff like this...

Great track. I'm usually bored by intros.

As great as the little up-beat telephony sounding thing is, I think it would benefit from some long effect sweeps or a gradual fade out during the first drop section. The little pitched up vocal sample is choice. Second drop is amazing maybe the instruments are too loud but if you wanted a lush sound you got it!

Well mixed and produced IMO - but I don't have much of an ear...


Pure Sanelessness
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Mar 18, 2003
A, A
yeh this is cool tune for sure!
agree with the telephone thing, it seems a bit stagnant... some subtle effects on it would make it more interesting

i really like all the wet sounds, like bubbles or something. nice work
and a really nice guitar line from the breakdown, classy. def summer niceness!!!
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