Label illAudio -Circles- Support from DJ Deekline, DJ Icey, The Freestylers


Feb 12, 2009

Breaks / Electronica / Rock / Dubstep

Rob Blake - Producer, Guitars, Vocals
Massy Fiocco - Guitars & Vocals
Sam Garner -Drums
Ryan Stanford - Keys



"Rage Against The Machine meets the Prodigy"
Curious Generation

"Amazing! Deffo the best thing I've heard this year yet"
Janette Slack - iDJ Magazine

illAudio - Circles - Now on promo release >>>




Circles - Original breaks mix
Full support from DJ Deekline, DJ Icey, The Freestylers & Ctrl-Z - A twisting journey through peak time dancefloor breaks, filthy electronica and dubstep, laced with heavy beats, epic classical strings, effected vocals & filthy basslines. Boom!

Circles - DVSB Dub House remix
Retaining many of the original elements, with extended cinematic breakdowns, dubbed out melodies and relentless rolling bassline over a solid 4/4 foundation.

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" "Amazing!! A good balance between dark and gorgeous. Good job! That half time bit is just lush as well. Equally awesome. Defo best thing I have heard this year yet!!" " - Janette Slack, iDJ Magazine
"Wow!!!! This is fucking unbelieveable. Totally sick. I wish more people would do stuff like this. I'm still spanking Make Money which is also sick. Who exactly is ILL Audio? This is the best stuff I've heard this year""

Jimmy Mofo, Mofo Magazine

"Circles is an intense and fascinating track, well modulated with jagged sequences and effective vocals. What's striking about IllAudio is the musicality and directness of their approach. A wall of very concrete, urban, and enthralling sounds. "
Aurelio Cianciotta, Wicked Styles (Feb 09, 2009)

"Rage Against The Machine meets the Prodigy"
Curious Generation

"One of the most talked about live acts to break onto the scene right now"
No Rest For The Wicked

"Tearing through the worlds of dub, funk & heavy metal. Easily one of the most inventive I've heard… hair raising"
LN - Larry Nelson, iDJ Magazine

illAudio have been causing havoc in the streets of London over the past 6 months. Whether its stumbling over their logo - bombed around almost every venue in the capital, cubicle, phone booth or bus stop - there presence is building at a grass roots level. Add to that the impressive number of live shows they have notched up, a controversial political video & first single, and an all star lineup - its no wonder 'No Rest For The Wicked' declared them one of the 'most talked about live acts to break onto the scene'.

A fully live 6 piece band, illAudio features members previously from the 'UKs best live act' (as voted by Kerrang Magazine) One Minute Silence, upcoming Reggae artist Dan Bowskill (aka Danny Vibes), Roots legend Sweetie Irie (Also of Gorillaz / No Doubt fame) pieced together by 24 year old producer Rob Blake. The sound is as eclectic as the members in the group - seamlessly blending Dubstep, Electro, Breaks, D&B, Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop & Punk together in a twisted bass heavy fusion aimed straight at the dance floor. With strong, conscious lyrical content relevant to our times, a cutting edge wall of sound, and an album ready to drop, you can expect to hear a lot more of illAudio in 2009.
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