IJO Live @ Jungle Syndicate London (Rhythm Factory) 20/05/11

Discussion in 'Members Mixes' started by JungleSyndicate, May 27, 2011.

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    Hello junglists,

    Hope all is good in the hood!

    Not sure if you were aware but a week ago we had IJO at our Jungle Syndicate in London at the Rhythm Factory and he absolutely tore the place apart with one of my favourite sets ever… definitely top 5 scenario, possibly top 3 scenario? (and I only saw half the set due to door duties)


    But yeah, download this and learn about IJO if you haven't already… and if you're a promoter please book this guy, he deserves to be playing out every weekend all over the country!

    You can check more info about IJO out at www.soundcloud.com/IJO

    Much love and respect

    Paul Syndicate and the rest of the Syndiclarts! :)

    PS: Bristol Faction don't forget to get down to the Croft from 11pm tonight for end of uni Jungle Syndicate party - gonna be liveo!