II Tone - Shadows (Kiss My Bass) - Free DnB Release

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    Yo yo yo! Got another free release for you. The original is a big DnB banger plus we have a dubstep one from Sparxy that has seen mega support from Skream & Benga and tons of spins on N-Type's Rinse FM show. Chuck in my own remix and an awesome garage tinged breaker from The Random Scarves. If you like it all we ask is you play it and maybe give us a few shares etc. Hope you enjoy.

    II Tone - Shadows

    II Tone - Shadows (Sparxy Remix)

    II Tone - Shadows (The Random Scarves Remix)

    II Tone - Shadows (Udy Remix)

    Joining our mailing list means you get these earlier than the rest of the world and at the same time as the big guys so drop me an email if you want in. Also be a love and FAN US UP ON FACEBOOK