Hey man,

Thanks for the comments on my track. Normally, I wouldn't comment on your track because of what I'm about to say, but since you asked and you were nice enough to comment on mine, I'm gonna unfortunately say some harsh stuff.

I'm sorry to say, I'm not diggin' your track. Your sound choices... man, I can't think of a nice way to accurately state it, so I'll have to be horribly direct. The sound choices make me cringe. Sorry man. I listened to your other tracks and they all pretty much have similar issues. A lot of them sound like a nold video game.
I know you've gone through a bunch of work to make these and I really don't want to be an ass. I'm sorry I don't have much constructive to say, because they are just so far out of my interest. You had great comments on my track. I appreciate them and they seem right on.

I guess, what I would suggest for you is to pick a professional track that you love and try to recreate it very closely and learn from that. Try to get the essence of the track in your own material. I'm not saying the stuff I'm making is the best shit, but the stuff I used to make years ago was garbage. So, you just gotta keep at it.


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there is a lot of video game sound to this, which is tough to do. the game-type synth often needs to be carried by another element to maintain the interest. usually this "carrying" is done by the mid bass or a very melodic and powerful sub.

the drums are also a trouble spot. they need more variety, and i would recommend varying the rolls. more layers and better samples would also help.

keep going though, you will get there. subinfector's idea to copy a professional track is a good one. also, if you haven't done it yet, search google for "drum and bass masterclass" videos
thanks for the comment on my track. sorry to if this dis-heartens u but its not reali my kind of thing and ther doesnt seem to be much goin on, i dont lyk the computer game intro sound kind of thing, but.. i do lyk the drum pattern (apart from the snare) it gives a kinda bouncy feel to the track until it drops. but keep at m8.


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the drums are layered loads already i could add more, but i don't see that as a problem, as for the computer game sounds i agree with what your saying as most people comment the same thing, i have very little samples to work with so i am limited, negative feedback does'nt bother me as i know how far ive come, i will continue to make tunes as i am because its my style, but i take on board what your saying and will use it to progress.
all my friends make tunes in the similar style to me and 1 of them is signed to 12 labels so it can't be that bad.