Iggy Pop - African Man sample


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Jun 23, 2015

a new tune by Chase and Status recently released as a part of Mind State vol 1 compilation reminded me about one of my favourite rave samples.

I am talking about Iggy's monkey yell which you can hear at the very begening of this tune

Sample were used in many tunes during the years, I am really curious what's the story behind it (if there is one), who sampled it first?
Does anybody know something more than I about it?

First time I have heard it either in White Lightning

or in Rythm Of Life

The oldest tune that samples Iggy I knew is

But after a quick research I found Westbam's tune from 1989, so I guess he was the first one who sampled it in a dance track :)

Om Unit used it in an awesome way in Healing Rain

Do you know any other tunes in which the sample was used?
Please gather them here :)



I Am Not The King
Feb 8, 2002
that can be said for you too clod but iggy doesnt seem to know you exist. sadly i know you exist. sadly, i know. but well just see about that buddy guy. wait and see, and ill drive by your house in a brand new toyota corolla. make a fool out of you, easy. swoosh.

anyway that chase and status tune is awufl just terrible. few buddys of mine met rhymetyme in thailand and got permission from him to remix frogger, which is mad but we never did. wonder if the offer still stands. rhymetyme is one of those dnb artists that dont press any buttons, they tell an engineer what they want, in his case optical, and then take it from there. dont know if you knew that, but if you bought dnb albums in the late 90s/early 2000s and was up on ting, you were consuming an awful lot of optical style music every day.

Bart Barnes

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Jul 2, 2018
This Iggy song is a bit weird isn't it. I wouldn't use a sample from it on the basis of what the song is about. It is cussing them in my opinion. So don't release it to the public and instead sing it in your head if you must Iggy.

All crew can be double dropped quite nicely but it is too plain on its own apart from the all crew sample which is only to remind you of ripped in 2 minutes.
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