if you use reason or can help with side chaining


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im trying to learn how to make the beat clearer on top of the bass. I think i'm going in the right direction i.e getting the frequencies right so there not fighting each other, compressing kicks& snares (fast attaks slow release) ...im also compressing hihats but not sure if this is the right thing to do?

anyway, i have subtractor with a bass guitar on it plugged into scream. i then plug the cv out on scream into the mixer channel carrying the beat(1).
all of a sudden BOOM. i cant adjust the level at all on channel1 and its maxin out... the cv level on the mixer is set to 120 if thats of any relevance , which i dont think it is as it doesnt seem to change anything.

can anyone help me out, tell me whats goin on here or what i should be doing...

any help apprreciated!