If you ever go to the doctor with an intestinal problems/bloating

I know there are a lot of younger men on this forum, but Im going to post this anyway because it might help you in the future.

If you have problems with an uncomfortable bloated stomach or intestine and go to see a GP:

Dont tell them that you've smoked weed (even if it was 20 years in the past)

Dont ever tell them you feel anxious (even if you do).

If you tell them either of these two things, then they will put whatever you are physically suffering from down as 'anxiety' and prescribe you anti-anxiety tablets and basically fob you off that all your physical symptoms are 'all in your mind'.

Just this week I went to see my doctor about a digestive problem (which I believe to be a candida yeast overgrowth of the large intestine, which causes a lot of symptoms including a low level anxiety).

Fortunately, I got my referal to a gastroenterologist first, so I felt alright about being honest with the GP. If I'd have been totally truthful with him right at the start, he would have put it all down to 'anxiety', and I wouldnt have got that referal to a gastro specialist at the hospital.

I believe I have a candida yeast overgrowth problem in the large intestine. Basically the yeast eats sugar when I do, and pisses it out as toxins into my blood stream, causing not only low level anxiety, but breathing problems, balance problems, muscle fatigue and weakness, bad skin, you name it. But as soon as a GP hears the word 'anxiety', even though there are tens of other symptoms, they will simply prescribe you pills.

What people need to understand about GP's is, that they know a little about a lot, and its easier for a GP to simply put all your other symptoms down to anxiety, particularly in the case of intestinal problems, instead of sending you on to hospital for a full investigation into the root cause.

So if you ever go to the doctors with a problem relating to that area (stomach/intestine), dont tell them certain things, because they will look for any excuse to put you on pills and fob you off, and turn you away, basically.
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