if u r a dj or producer, this may interest you

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    BassJunkees is the brainchild of 2 equally as mad nuttahs both heavily into the Dance and Rave scene with ambitions of creating one internet radio station for both Ravers and Clubbers alike. Whilst one has experience with the club scene, event promoting and pirate / internet radio management, the other is a Rave Veteran with almost 14 years under his belt and a professional web designer responsible for this site. Both are competent and avid DJ's with many years experience between them. We're not in this for the money, not in anyway. We just love our Basslines from all genres and wanted to create a place where you can hear the Basslines thumping away whatever the style being played.

    We are looking for dj's to play live on air. It is free to play on the site

    Producers if u want us to put up ur tunes to the Archives so ppl can hear wot ur work is like plz let us know ......contact addy djpsycho_7@hotmail.com or www.bassjunkees.com big up all of you on this forum