IDs Pleez !


played in a Doc Scott set.

Don't know this.
played in a Randall set at The Edge

Shit I know this but can't recall what it is. If it comes to me I will post again.
Theres actually about 3 different tunes in this clip too, I guess you're after an ID on the main part of it tho. The bit with the words 'I bring you the future' is an old Strictly Underground tune.
played in a Randall set at The Edge

This one is Bukem and Tayla - Bang The Drums (GLR 002)
Also came out on a cool Moonshine compilation cd called 'Speed Limit 140 BPM Plus', which had a 3 peice vinyl set with it on it too.
You can also find it on Good Lookings 'Producer 04' CD.


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Thanks Pendulum.
DAMN!! My web host jus deleted my account. Hmmmph.... That's wot appens when you don't pay em I spose.

The remaining unidentified track I've put here:

aaaand if any of you know your house music I would love to ID this track:
It's a tribal number recorded off Dream FM when they were Kings on the Leeds air waves in the 90s.

Thanks again for your help.