IDPDZ004 feat. Dj Hidden Out now!!!

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    INDPDZ004 - Drum&bass
    A. City Of God - C'est Mon Monde (Dj Hidden Remix)
    B. Forbidden Society - Demons (Dj Hidden Remix)

    Release : June '07

    Previous Releases:

    IDPDZ001 - Minimal/Techno
    Vernon : Space Hopper EP
    A. Space Hopper
    B1. Building Analyse
    B2. Marble Shading

    IDPDZ002 - Breakcore/Drum&Bass
    Kirdec : Death to the Macho EP
    A1. My Computer Ladyboyfriend
    A2. Stop Sexism!
    B1. Tuzaichang (Extended Mix)
    B2. Knup (B6 DDC Remix)

    IDPDZ003 - Drum&Bass
    A. Protech : Cuts (Mark Tailor Remix)
    B. Antichristus : Fine Art Of Murder + Scratch Tools n°01

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