iDOLEAST - Frame Divergence/Torch Drum'n'Bass (IDOLDIGI001)


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Supreme World Government presents the first release of iDOLEAST Recordings:

iDOLEAST - Frame Divergence / Torch Drum'n'Bass (IDOLDIGI001)

From publisher:
Frame Divergence / Torch Drum'n'Bass - is an album that consists of 15 tracks. 9 of them had been created from 2006 to 2009 year and had been signed to vinyl format of such labels as Ohm Resistance/Obliterati, MindSaw, Cybadrum, Mindocracy, Basement Plague. But release date of all these tracks had been constantly delayed and it had taken 1,5 years since signing of some tracks when they were taken back. Other tracks from album were written in summer 2009 specially for this album. The main feature of this album is free distribution, so you can download free copy absolutely legally.

From author:
The name of album consists of two parts. The first one “Frame Divergence” – is a engineer thermion that makes symbiosis with second part and in the aggregate they characterize the ideology of Torch Drum’n’Bass – music that is much more for live shows that opens human energy flow on maximum level and makes people burn like torch and radiate waves of all spectrum values.

The story:

01. August

Strange energy that runs through the body and sends shivers down the human’s spine. May be we still remember something. May be we could recall something very important that we knew in childhood, but we had forgotten it. Sometimes on the threshold of something extraordinary we can see out of the corner of ours eye just the one essence that we could see once easily as natural.

02. Defeat Us

Ancient spirits lives at the top of the Arreat Monatain. They guard the entrance of the Worldstone Chamber. The hero that wants to enter must prove that he is worthy of it. He must take a dare of the ancients, he must defeat the spirits of the Arreat Monatain, he must defeat… You must defeat us…

03. Galil VIP

East is very subtle and delicate from the outside. Minarets of the mosques are everywhere; muezzins call true believers to make Muslim prayer. You can smell spicy pilau aroma and fragrant sherbet from the dukhans. Cameleers with a consequential air are sitting on the backs of the desert-ships that are leisurely walking in the streets. A young mason sits in the poor wattle and daub hovel somewhere on the outskirts of the town. Today he found a strange thing in foundation pit of the project site. His singing makes this thing generate strange sound of great power that destroys fragile walls of neighbor buildings. Mason liked the effect of his find and decided to turn his singing and this strange thing into fearful weapon.
Galil – rifle that is made in Israel to kill true believers of Palestine.

04. Scythe VIP

Scythe is a symbol and instrument of the lady called Death. It’s her tool which she uses to transfer everything alive to her dark world. Sinners transfer there as terrible as this audio-scene shows. Death mows heads like terrible conveyer harvester. Keep your head closely while listening.

05. Feel the Pressure

Life holds with chains of conventionality, prohibitions and rules. The press of the circumstances untwists incredible values of pressure. But it can’t toady to and it can’t break that is unbreakable. Winds of time will sweep away sands of vanity and husks of daily routine and it will be only the one monolith that was in the very beginning.

06. Parental Advisory

Night. Slum on the outskirts of Russian megalopolis. Broken lighting poles, rubbish that is thrown from the black empty eye sockets of the windows. Ramshackle buildings with walls that are all cracked and dark of soot. Somewhere near by in the dark alleys a dirty street gang-bang take place, and somewhere just knifing. Lazy hopnecks (Russian low-level mobsters) hang around the territory searching for the target to satisfy their money hunger. Drug addicts loafing near vaults are ready to kill for a dose. Drunk mothers with little babies loiter about the front doors. Older children are already in business. Under age whores will make all your dreams come true for a couple of dollars. Filthy language and prison slang are a bible and language that is written in. People don’t want to realize it, big politicians don’t want to pay attention, these all can’t be seen in good family, it’s Parental Advisory.

07. Style

Style – is a totality of harmonically selected traits that are united by definite attributes.
It’s not important what style is chosen. It’s important that it must be in harmony with the owner and with his sincere nature.

08. Cursed

Cursed. Hannibal Lector wasn’t lucky in his childhood – it’s not his fault. But the way of revenge that he has chosen made him callous and killed his soul. He is cursed forever. Hannibal understands this and he doesn’t search the forgiveness, he just increases the temp of his vengeance to all humanity. His bloodthirstiness has no limits any more.

09. Jester Box

Jester in a box. All you know such toy as jack-in-a-box, that looks like a little box and when you push some button Jack appears. And what if the box will be a bit larger and a mutilate corpse of ugly jester from freak show will jump out of it? And it will begin to twitch during the absurdly dancing moved by invisible mechanism in the rhythm of this song…

10. Kill`em All

Ex agent of secret service of the USA is a loser now. He has to yield his wife’s push and let his seventeen years old daughter to go to Europe for a vacation. The Middle East terrorists kidnap silly girl and her friend for slave selling to Arabs. Farther disappoints a little and goes to France to secure his daughter alone himself.

11. Stone Spirit

Somebody thinks that even stones have souls. Are these souls real objective essence or are they projects of our mind? And if projects: where do they project and by what?...

12. Pain Rage Loneliness

What do a man feel when trapped? The one can’t answer this question. But the “hunters” that made that trap can easy reply: Pain, Rage, Loneliness…

13. Asian Dream

…have no peace because of Indians, sitting in lotus, Buddhist monks from China. …in the dreams I see Sanskrit Talmud, 6-handed Shiva and war elephants of the first rajah. Yogi, Tibet, Nepal…

14. Criminal

Criminal showdowns never finish good. The principle of hitting somebody as an answer if you’ve been hit leads to chain reaction that only death can stop. There are no winners in such games. Every criminal is doomed for the violent death.

15. Pure Heart

We must stay humans in spite of all vicissitude and strikes of the destiny, in spite of different miseries and roles that we play on the scene of the theatre which name is “Life”. The human – sounds proudly, but only human with pure heart…


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