ICR - The Public Diary (DOWNLOADABLE LP)

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    Being on the forefront of Hungary's d&b online magazine Impulsecreator for more than 5 years now and producing over this period ICR managed to release tunes on quality labels such as Breakbeat Science, Orgone (Rock The Sky/Stolen Symmetry), Basswerk (Wide Awake), Nerve (Words/Arcadia), Offshore (Change Inside) and Good Looking (Splashdown on Progression Sessions Germany). This year hopefully brings more chance to emerge his talents with forthcoming bits on Fokuz, Nerve, Covert Operations and more. Meanwhile the time has come to summarize and to release a concept album with the essence and the very best of his unique sound.

    "On the one hand I felt I have so many tunes - about 70 in the last two years - that I could not release in any form but wanted to make them public. What's the point of making songs only for yourself? On the other hand I felt strongly about letting this all out in the hope of leaving things behind can help starting new things. The only concept is to be sincere, to make a personal collection of sounds whether there is anyone who likes it or not."

    All the original tunes are specially edited and/or remixed for this particular project (except Untrue remix, Keynote and Roundabout) as it is reflected in the titles. It's not only diverse drum & bass, but there's a little breakbeat (Break The Sky), downtempo (Hopelyhen, Words v050123), a bit of electronica (Useless) and leftfield too (Switchboard To Your Soul, Mindframe). All slightly passed as a whole story. Check the personal notes according each track at http://www.drumandbass.hu/icr/diary/

    "Absolutely loved it. Some amazing interludes and fresh pieces and the way it gels together kind of reminded me of my own work and how I do stuff." (ASC, Covert Operations - USA)

    "No nonstop beats, many melodic soundscapes, easy BPM-switches. Timeless stuff. Now I listen to it the third time. Good flow from the beginning to end." (Lightwood, Santorin - Germany)

    ICR-The_Public_Diary.mp3 (70mb)

    diary minisite: http://www.drumandbass.hu/icr/diary/

    front cover:

    back cover:

    01 I'm A Fool
    02 Unture (ICR "Wants You" Mix) [original by Soulproof]
    03 Slingblade (Dream)
    04 Stumbling Hungarian 7000 Miles From The Caribbean (Daydream)
    05 Keynote
    06 Useless
    07 Break The Sky
    08 Let It Snow / Hopelyhen
    09 Close By
    10 Switchboard To Your Soul
    11 Roundabout
    12 Where The Lions Weep
    13 Mindframe
    14 One Step Forward
    15 Words v050123
    16 Guide To The Last Sea
    17 World Dissapears

    email: icr@drumandbass.hu
    web: http://www.drumandbass.hu/icr
    aim: eatsayair
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    I seem to remember giving you a "tip for the top" about a year ago on the new talent section of this very same forum!!! My hats off to you matey!
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    this is awesome! big up! :)