ICR - Something About Nothing LP OUT NOW!

"It was not in his nature to make the mistake of doing something when there was nothing to be done" ~ Robert Speaight

Zoltan Gal steps forward with his third studio LP "Something About Nothing" and proceeds to stamp his ICR signature all over.

Something About Nothing this is not, something about something it definitely is. From the semi-beatless opener of "Gain" to the ambient conclusion of "Loss" you are taken on a journey of atmospheres, textures and lovingly crafted beat trickery which has become a staple of his work. That said this is no one trick pony as ICR delivers melody in abundance and this is what truly stands out and comes through in tracks such as "Sense Of Touch" and "Epilog (Dazzle Me)". In a period of drum and bass that seems to be swamped with minimal offerings Zoltan is not afraid to deliver multi-layered breaks of the highest quality which hark back to the halcyon days of the genre. The intricate layering of samples and textures all add to give the LP an epic story like feel which ICR always tries to weave through his work.

This is good honest drum and bass from one of Europe's best artists, in every sense of the word. ~ words by Tony Justice (Modern Urban Jazz, UK)

MISSPENT014: ICR - Something About Nothing

artwork: Laszlo Gal

Tracklist and audio:

01. Gain
02. Weight Of Soul (Gain)
03. Light Gives It All
04. Angels
05. Think I'm Special
06. Sense Of Touch
07. Time Takes It All (Protect Me)
08. No More
09. Epilog (Dazzle Me)
10. Weight Of Soul (Loss)
11. Loss



2009. sept 28. - Beatport exclusive
2009. oct 13. - Junodownload, iTunes, etc


"This is really really good! Some of the best drum programming I've ever heard! Very good listening music, worthwile to check it!" ~ Tony Colman/London Elektricity (Hospital Records, UK)

"ICR is one of the most talented and original subversive jungle producers coming up with very rich atmospheres and fresh melodies. The man's also rocking some dope breakworks, and his new album is just another proof of that: a full package of ultra-dope melodic jungle of today. This stuff right here is Hungary's finest. ICR rocks!" ~ Fanu (Lightless Recordings, FIN)

"Really enjoying this album! I particularly like the track "Dazzle Me". Very cool." ~ Lynx (Soul:R, UK)

"Stripped, yet not stripped at the same time. As usual the cinematic quality is A1! Nice work, Zoltan!" ~ ESB (Detuned Radio, CAN)

"Loving this album! True talent!" ~ DJ Trax (Audio Buffet, UK)

"ICR takes drum and bass where it was meant to go." ~ Gerald Belanger/Kinder Atom (Nice+Smooth/Metro Breaks, CAN)



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Heard that Weight of Soul track on the Hospitality podcast and it really is quite stunning.

This is a big LP.