ICR pres. Misspent Music

label info:

Misspent Music is about freedom. Artistic freedom to be precise. Misspent Music is a digital label set up by hungarian drum & bass artist Zoltan Gal as known as ICR who has been a key figure in the country's thriving dnb scene, established it's online magazine and community site, ImpulseCreator.hu in 1999 and releasing on dozens of diverse labels worldwide such as Offshore, Covert Operations (incl. debut album), Good Looking, Nerve, Fokuz, Counter Intelligence, Flatline Audio or X-Tinction Agenda. His creativity forced it's way to write and self-release his personal musical diaries (The Public Diary, Empty Pages) which are both acclaimed as beautiful and unique work noted from the likes of Tony Colman (London Elektricity) to Elhornet (Pendulum). This kind of deep and leftfield drum & bass barely find it's way to proper label releases but truly represents his musicality which he beleives is worth to showcase. From now on, Misspent Music is here to cater this sound and make ICR's unreleased tunes available in digital format for all of his fans worldwide! Despite his off-key sound, some of his music has lately been featured on major leauge DJ's shows like DJ Flight, Fabio, Grooverider and Marcus Intalex and thus his priority is to give his music a wider audience, focusing on vinyl and CD releases aswell. Keep your eyes peeled on both and don't miss out on his music!


"Time misspent in youth is sometimes all the freedom one ever has." - Anita Brookner

Misspent Music 001
A. ICR - Misspent
B. ICR - Long For You

cat nr: MISSPENT001
release date: 2007/09


Shying away from the blueprint of techy liquid rollers or formulated drumfunk, ICR goes for leftfield sonic aesthetics to express his own take on progressive, positive music. Misspent is a moody piece of drumandbass that sets off with an incredibly physical and epic soundscape that brings complex architecture to mind. The drumwork reclaims his Offshore affiliation with a driving yet understated b-line and sub stabs that punctuate the tune's discourse. Misspent is cinematic and emotional, a Mihalkov movie set to music of a higher form and function. Long For You follows the same aesthetics but in a more optimistic, liquidy manner over a straight 2-step pattern, with instrumental elements that make this one for the sunrise crowd.
words by TRG (myspace.com/trgproductions)

Really nice, great little package for a digital release w/ nice artwork too! Big up mate! - Martyn
I'm really into Misspent. It's a beautiful track. - DJ Trax
Top quality beats as always! Will defo be playing both sides out boss, absolutely brilliant rollers! - Paul Reset
Dope tunes! - Perpetuum
Like your sounds here for sure. Well I guess you write so much music that this had to come, well done and good luck with it all as you deserve it! - Subject 13
My favourite is 'Misspent'. Really really feeling the music, some nice deep vibes there mate, definitely my cup of tea! - Future Engineers

"While we flatter ourselves that things remain the same, they are changing under our very eyes from year to year, from day to day." - Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Misspent Music 002
A. ICR - Song For A Change
B. ICR - Song For A Change (faalb remix)

cat nr: MISSPENT002
release date: 2007/10


ICR keeps coming up with intricate atmospheres to keep the chin-stroking massive busy, and he's also got the straight beats and pounding subs to make a change. Oh, that's exactly what the tune says! Song For A Change is a plea against aggressive-for-the-sake-of-it drumandbass that has been plagueing the scene, but at the same time taps into a social vein that listeners can't ignore. It's that type of song that makes you associate sounds with colours, events, feelings and when it becomes tactile, it peaks and leaves you in a higher state. Faalb is an up-and-coming electronica producer that takes the sweet harmonies in the original and, in Gescom style, skilfully glues them on a Skam-esque skippy and distorted pummeling beat. It serves as a delicate but firm aftershock of it's dnb cousin but it should become a firm favourite to fans of Bola or Vector Lovers.
words by TRG (myspace.com/trgproductions)