IChi Ryu Show 1st Bday - Madcap & Silvahfonk - Jungletrain - (Achive mp3)

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Mar 12, 2006
IChi Ryu Show 1st Bday - Madcap & Silvahfonk - Jungletrain - 15th March '09


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First hour DJ MADCAP

01. Calibre 'Oh Please' Signature
02. Chris Inperspective 'Heather's Hot Waffles' Exit
03. Calibre 'U Could Dance' Signature
04. Alaska & Seba 'Back From Eternity' Arctic Music
05. Naibu 'Doubts' Dub
06. Fanu 'Tales From The Sea' Breakin'
07. Sound Vision 'The Italian Job' Good Looking
08. Villem & Madcap 'Inflated Tear' (Madcap Remix) Good Looking Dub
09. Furney & Tayla 'Jahman' Liquid V
10. Ill Logic & Raf 'Complex Identities' Bingo Beats
11. Ill Logic & Raf 'Heart & Soul' Ebony Records
12. Break 'Destiny Comes Ringing' Commercial Suicide
13. Andy Skopes 'Yeah You Know' Uncertified Music Dub
14. Villem 'Scratch You Out' Uncertified Music Dub
15. Break 'Enigma (Calibre Remix) Quarantine
16. Furney 'A Long Time Ago' Uncertified Music Dub

SILVAHFONK 30 min mix after

01. Photek - Ten IChi Ryu (Teebee remix)
02. Alpha Omega - Polthergeist (Fanu Remix)
>> Dylan - Special Love
03. Photek- Consciousness
04. June Miller - Converge -(dub)
05. Serum - special technieq
06. Connex kru- Mound Tanaga (J.M & E.M & M.M)- (dub)
07. Break - Last chance
08. Leonux - Father Time - (dub)
09. Mutt - Eras*

Message from Silvahfonk,...Our big thanks to everyone that support and listen to our show for the last year, hope your still locked for the forthcoming shows this year and the year after ...
Also big respect to SUBVERTCENTRAL IChiOne.. and every guest we had the last year..
my beloved co host artist
MADCAP - DJ WILSH - and since this month PHUTURE T thankx for keepin it strong and growing..

Our shouts to.. our last guest Antidote - Infest - El Maria - Chris Inperspective - Insight - NSF - Dj Trax - Noble - to name a few..
thank you...


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