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May 13, 2009
OUT NOW !! the first digital ep taken by IB4 (Italian Bassline 4 CD Mix):


Italian Bassline 4 is the new episode of the 100% Italian producers' cd compilation dedicated to the drum'n'bass sounds. Since 2004, Italian Bassline is the contemporary picture of the new dance sound scene in Italy. Produced by DBox Records, a record label from Bologna, the project was born thanks to the collaboration of many dj/ producers that represent the Italian live scene, some of them are already recognised and some others are at the first record experience and for the first time have the chance to shine being part of this project. The aim of such collaboration is for quality, a product with its own artistic identity, second to no one.

OUT NOW !!! the first digital ep taken by IB4 (Italian Bassline 4):

Tracklisting & Bio:

1) Hallucinator – Golgotha :
Out on Mindsaw Digital with the "Warmonger EP", the latest "Inferno EP",and a 12" on Modulate Recordings with the two smashers Body Functions and Elephant. With new and sick forthcoming tracks ready to be released Hallucinator continues their dark walk among us...

2) Aeph – Halibut :
Aeph’s releses are currently signed for Flight Recordings digital (USA) which had deeply positive feedback even Proktah mentioned it during an interview on Knowledge magazine. Recently, "Changes" in collaboration with Maztek, has released on Subculture Recordings digital (IT). The Dogsick is forthcoming on Trust In Music (GER) LP featuring other artist from the international DnB scene while Dirty Gash / Black Days (produced with Maztek) are coming out on Icarus Audio 12" (USA) likewise Rebirth (featuring Maize) on Modulate Recordings 12".

3) Hydrophobics – Cell:
The duo Hydrophobics (Signal.flow and dj Noname) came together at the end of 2005, having a common interest for dnb, born at the end of the last millenium and developed over the years.
Out now with an original mixture of neurotech beats the duo from Ancona strikes back after releasing their first vynil single on modulate recordings: “Fermat’s last theorem “ and signed 2 digital ep for modulate and gunrecordings.

4) Atomik Tags – Believe
He has released 5 records in cooperation with Urbanpressure and distributed worldwide by nu-urban music.
At the moment he is working as a sound designer and sound engineer and is collaborating with "Native Instruments" and "Pro-sounds"....

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